8 Best Airport Lounges in the World | with Their Features

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Brief intro:

The competition in the aviation industry is getting stiffer, and airlines are doing whatever they can to remain at the top. Companies are fitting their aircraft with more premium seats and introducing loyalty programs to attract and retain customers. But regular travelers are looking for new experiences each time. For them, airport lounges seem to be the major difference-maker.

Something extra:

Before the flight departure, passengers want something to add to their flying experience. Some want a quiet place to rest before the long journey ahead, while others would like to have lovely delicacies at a fair price. This is when the airport lounges come in handy. When you need some work done as you await the flight, a room secluded from the activities of the ever-busy airport would be a huge reward.

Luxury comfort:

Airport lounges vary in terms of accessibility. There are those which are exclusively for first-class passengers while everyone can access some lounges on a pay-to-enter basis. Some even have partnerships that grant specific people access to their premises. Despite the massive number of lounges, some stand out based on the quality of services. Ranging from food to beds, they speak of luxury and comfort.

Here, we look at the top airport lounges around the globe which all different requirements for you to gain entrance.

  1. British Airways Concorde Room
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The lounge combines the British tradition with luxury in a vast space. The craftsmanship demonstrated by the sofas and well-set fireplaces gives it an incredible look. When you want to have classic quality food, the restaurant here serves you right. As a cake icing, you also receive massage treatments at the Concorde Room, serving one of the busiest airports in the world.

For you to enter this lounge, you must be flying on a first-class ticket using British Airways.

2) Emirates Business Class Lounge –Dubai

Image by Patrik Nemes on Flickr under license

Mirror of luxury:

A lounge covering the whole stretch of a terminal at Dubai International Airport. Thanks to its 2016 11-million USD upgrade. It is a mirror of luxury with a magnificent restaurant that has la carte dining, duty-free shops, and a spa where you can get a 15-minute treatment. The restaurant has a diversified menu that varies with days and times. Another amenity that probably the most popular in this lounge is the Moet &Chandon Champagne bar.

It is impossible to forget the convenience Emirates Lounge offers the passengers as you can board your Emirates’ flight directly from here.

Entry into Dubai’s Emirates Lounge requires you to be a member of Emirates Skywards. The services you receive or access depends on your membership and flight class you are using. You will not be allowed in unless you have an Emirates or Qantas Codeshare ticket.

3) Lufthansa First Class Terminal

Lufthansa First Class Terminal
Image by TravelingOtter on Flickr under license

First-class lounge:

This amazing terminal has another reward for the passengers, a first-class lounge. The sparkling lounge stands out with its comprehensive services. Within the lounge is a restaurant catered by DO &CO, rooms for resting, rubber duckies, and a cigar bar.


Instead of using the main terminal, you will pass directly to Frankfurt’s First Class Terminal where all the travel formalities will be handled. From the lounge, boarding the plane is hassle-free as you will be driven in your private car to the flight’s parking. In its purest form, this a first-class experience.

You will gain access to this lounge when you are flying Lufthansa as a first-class passenger. SWISS first-class or being a member of Miles & More HON Circle using Lufthansa Group Airline also grants you free entry into the lounge.

4) Cathay PacificThe Pier Lounge- Hong Kong

Cathay PacificThe Pier Lounge
Image by David Jones on Flickr under license

The lounge with a design! You may think you are entering a posh hotel outside the airport. Inside is a prestigious restaurant that has la carte dining, private rooms for passengers’ relaxation as they watch the planes land and take off and foot massage services that are given as complimentary.

How do you access the lounge? You must either be a member of Oneworld Emerald with an Oneworld ticket or be flying Oneworld First Class.

5) The Private Room, Singapore Airlines

Image by Rob Young on Flickr under license

Singapore Changi’s Terminal 3 hosts an exemplary lounge, the Private Room, within another lounge which is First Class SierKris Lounge. The Private Room has an excellent restaurant that has both the local cuisine and Western dishes, private rooms for relaxation or naps, and a champagne bar.

For you to access the lounge, you must be flying First Class Singapore Airlines.

6) Qantas First Class Lounge

Qantas First Class Lounge
Image by Mighty Travels on Flickr under license

Located at Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport, Australia, the lounge has all the necessary amenities for a flyer. The spacious Qantas lounge gives you a cinematic view of the surrounding, including A380s lining up at the terminal. One feature that gives this lounge its class is the variety of premium quality food served at the restaurant.

Qantas lounge is accessible to passengers flying on OneWorld first-class or OneWorld Emerald members flying any ticket.

7) Delta’s Sky Club

Image by Delta News Hub on Flickr under license

At Terminal 4 of JFK International Airport is Delta’s Sky Club lounge that gives you a panoramic view of the landing and departing crafts. The impeccable services you receive at the lounge include numerous drinks, free and speedy WiFi, a wide variety of foods, and a rooftop terrace that serves you perfectly during summer.

At any time of the day, you will receive stunning services, but you need to be a member of SkyMiles Program with Diamond Medallion Status to access this lounge. If you are not a SkyMiles member, you can buy a one-year membership and be flying with Delta Airlines or its partners to gain access. Delta Airlines’ partners are numerous and include Air France, Kenya Airways, Virgin Atlantic, China Airlines, etc.

8) SWISS First Class Lounge

SWISS First Class Lounge
Image by nakedsky on Flickr under license

The world-class lounge in Zurich which was opened recently stands out with its crafty design. Within is a fantastic restaurant that offers a menu of its kind. The comfortable beds in its private rooms serve passengers with long layovers. You also get a good view of the whole airport.

The requirements for access are similar to Lufthansa’s.



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