7 Happiest Countries I Wish to Travel

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Travel is never a matter of money but of courage by Paolo Coelho

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As the world is becoming much more connected, tourism and travel are spurring. People are traveling for a vacation in different seasons. On your vacation, you probably want to meet happy people and feel extra welcomed in your stay.

There are many opinions about what makes a country a happy place to enjoy while traveling; this can vary from population to GDP of the country.

With a combination of various metrics and opinions, this article compiles a list of happiest countries to travel.

1) Costa Rica

Beautiful location:

Costa Rica is located in Central America and is one of the most beautiful places on earth. With its abounding natural beauty, tourists get to have particular views and explore Costa Rica’s gorgeous mysteries.

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The country has no army so what else proves happiness than having no enemies.

Life expectancy:

The life expectancy of the Costa Rica population is 79.1 and the people there have a common saying “Pura Vida”. Pura Vida is Spanish for life is pure or good, and in Costa Rica, you will notice that life is pure happiness.

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Attractive Quality:

Most attractive nature activities in Costa Rica are sun, sea and sand, flora and wildlife watching, volcanoes, trekking, etc.

2) New Zealand


New Zealand prides itself on being a clean and green country; it’s portrayed with its tourism slogan “100% pure New Zealand”. And this fact is stressed by the country’s typical tourism destinations that are all-natural areas.

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You can look up the beautiful pictures of places such as the Abel Tasman National park or the Tongariro Alpine Crossing to get a grasp of the clean and green New Zealand.


The government of New Zealand takes wellness seriously. New Zealand has been frequently ranked among the happiest on the planet, and for this, you surely would want to visit the Kiwi land.

3) Colombia


Tourism is the main contributor to the GDP of Colombia, so you can be sure that Colombians are accustomed to foreigners.

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Attractive quality:

And it is a popular opinion that Colombian coffee is simply the best. Colombians are happy in part because there are several national holidays, thus many reasons to celebrate. It is a fact that Colombia has the second-highest number of national holidays in the world, so probably you will enjoy one of the festivities on your stay in Colombia.

4) Finland


Finland has been named multiple times the happiest country on earth, and Finns are said to live fulfilled lives and enjoy taking care of each other.

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Attractive quality:

Finland is a country with beautiful landscapes and is famous for its lakes with over 200,000 lakes.

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Big city:

The biggest city is Tampere and other main cities are Mikkeli, Lahti, and more.


Helsinki is the capital of Finland; the city receives a lot of foreign tourists as it labeled the safest modern and clean meeting place between the east and west.


Popular tourist activities in Finland are skiing, snowboarding, ice yachting, etc. If you visit the northern parts of the country in winter, you should enjoy trips in reindeer sleighs with Sami drivers.

5) Panama


Panama is a happy place for spenders, a tourist who stays there spend on average $365 to $385. This makes it the highest per capita tourist spending in Central America.

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Panama is famous for its precious beaches and business and trade tourism is also the country’s focus. Positivity runs deep in the
Panama's population, this fact is stressed by the recently rising standards of living and Panama’s growing economy.

6) Vanuatu

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Vanuatu has no military and keeps a history of peace. This country near Australia is known for its residents’ well-being ranking that is way beyond the ranks of its surrounding countries.


If you visit Vanuatu, you are subject to more than 80 islands to explore with the most fantastic and uniquely memorable experiences. With the peace and happiness around, you are for sure going to enjoy a relaxing stay.

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Attractive quality:

And if you need to get an out of the routine tourism experience, Vanuatu offers to travel with kayaks on the crystal-clear rivers, giving you an adventurous thrill.

7) Denmark

Fairytale land:

Denmark is known as the fairytale land due to its many castles and for the fact that it is Europe’s oldest kingdom. Denmark has a great number of foreign tourists in summer due to its beautiful sandy beaches.

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Cozy city:

The city of Copenhagen has been spotlighted among the coziest cities in the world.

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Attractive quality:

People often visit Copenhagen for its affordable yet incredible beers, spirits, and wines. The Danish are famous for their impressive relaxed lives, and if you are looking for fun, this is the place to go.


You are never going to be bored while visiting Denmark; you will enjoy the iconic amusement park, the beautiful coastline, the capital’s famous statues, museums, etc. the thrill of happiness is always on in Denmark.

In the end:

For most tourists, the main goal is to relax and enjoy the diversity of the places they visit. From the above-listed countries, you are for sure going to find happiness amongst several things their tourism has to offer.

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