Are Video Games a Waste of Time and Money?

From someone who is passionate about games his whole life

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Personally, I think video games are not a waste of time but sometimes can be a waste of money. Money and time are those things that we care about most and we can control only one thing. Time is not in our hands it will pass regardless of what you are doing, you can’t stop time but you can budget money.

If you are on a short budget, your bills are lacking behind and debt is compiling you should first focus on that rather than spending money on video games. Because with all those expenses in front you will not enjoy money on video games.

Don’t get me wrong as I am passionate about playing games. I have played first-person, second-person, shooters, strategies, puzzles, adventure games, and many more.

So, let's discover are video games waste of time and money or not?

Costly Equipments?

Image is taken from pxfuel

First, we should calculate the cost of console or PC and then the cost of popular games, adding up all:

Consoles and PC

PlayStation 3


PlayStation 4


Xbox One


Nintendo Switch


Typical gaming PC


TOTAL : $ 2763.88

Data Sources: thecostguys and IGN.

Video Games:

Batman: Arkham City


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla




God of War — Playstation 4


Total: $139.96


These will be the costs you need to incur in order to enjoy games you can cut this cost by going on a budget but it will make your experience lower.

Like I said previously, It can be a waste of money because you can see cost for equipments are expensive even if you consider low end PCs .

So, when you consider money spending on the upfront and maintaining the devices will require you to spend some savings.

Is gaming a waste of money ?

It all depends how much saving you have if you are on a budget and spending money on expensive equipments and games than it might be a waste because other expenses like bills, Rent, food are more important but if you have extra cash then it’s not a waste but a good source of entertainment and learning.

Some Positives about gaming:

On the other side, games have a lot of positives. Not only in terms of entertainment but strategy and puzzle games can help build problem-solving and analytical skills.

If you look at past “Chess” was an old traditional game and it was played by kings of that time. This enhances their strategies in battle as well as makes them better at commanding their followers or soldiers.

Getting your mind busy:

Image is taken from pxfuel

In this Covid 19 era, we have to go in social distancing and many social places are closed or open for a short time. Social gatherings are restricted so in current situation gaming is the best way to get a social friends group.

Now people can play multiplayer games on android or PC like Player Unknown Battleground (PUBG).

It’s best example of a multiplayer game. These games enable them to get in groups and get busy rather than think about problems all the time. With a relaxed mind, you will be able to look at a better positive picture.

Make you look cool:

Image is taken from piqsels

The gaming industry is evolving and lot of new creative games are emerging. If you look at playing games to spend time and money it will make you look cool in your friend’s social group. You can discuss different storylines with your peers and told them how you have overcome the specific obstacles that others have failed to achieve.

Like in the Far cry series I told my friend how I get to the ending before him and in assassin’s creed series of how much I have played it and my friend is still playing early parts, figuring out the game. This achievement can boost your self-esteem.

I can tell you story of one of my other friend, he was not good at work but due to his expertise in playing counter strike and NFS multiplayer, he was praised for his skills at work. So, gaming can make you look good in front of others.

Great Income and prizes involved :

Image by Andrzej Rembowski from Pixabay

If you think gaming is a waste of time and money, you should reconsider because gaming can be a great source of income as well. You have heard about online gaming competitions and prizes. Esports are becoming a huge part nowadays and getting the limelight it deserves.

Some Esports tournaments:

These are some of the tournaments battles where players use their teams to compete against opposing teams. Team building and leadership are the two most important skills needed to win.

Now let’s look at top prizes to some of the Esports competitions:

By analyzing data at we can look at the top prize in Esport competition you can see first prize-winning at DOTA 2 in 2019 was 34.33 million US dollars. That’s incredible how much an Esport champion could win.

My Personal Experience:

I could tell a personal story of a gaming competition in which I competed at my University gaming competition in Counterstrike. We had a team and got qualified to 3rd round but unfortunately was not able to win but we had a great fun time playing together and competing with other teams. The first prize winner got a medal,a certificate and they were also advertised in the university as becoming an Esport champaign and was promoted to compete at inter-university gaming competition.

My online gaming didn’t end there as I frequently compete with my friend at NFS most wanted on game rangers. I am learning and getting better at online gaming.

The point is Esport is becoming a new sports Era so gaming a waste of time and money doesn’t connect here.

Research and video games:

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

According to research done on video games, It was found that gaming helps in promoting mental health in various test subjects conducted in the study but the study has found some types of games and moderate gaming is better.

(Griffiths, Mark D., and Daria J. Kuss, and Angelica B. Ortiz de Gortari. “Videogames as Therapy: An Updated Selective Review of the Medical and Psychological Literature,” International Journal of Privacy and Health Information Management (IJPHIM) 5, no.2: 71–96. )

So, we should not bring all games under one umbrella there are some games that have caused problems, like children getting too attached and obsessed about certain games but these were exceptional cases. Everything in excess is bad So, we should balance our daily routines with video games.

According to my personal experience from playing a variety of games since age 11. I can say that there were some games that I felt too excited and attached to. When I was in my teens and still today some games really fascinate me naming few would be “Draugen” and “life is strange series”

These two particular games made me involved with the storyline and I just enjoyed them. So, gaming can get you involved but it’s just like watching a movie a good movie will get you attached but you know it’s scripted and actors. So, gaming in my opinion can bring excitement and fun back to life.

Final: Concluding the answer

People spend their money on clubs and parties so those could be a waste of time and money but some people don’t consider that, they think it’s a very important part of their lives to escape problems.

Everyone has their opinions about certain things and people should respect other’s opinions.

If one person doesn’t like spend time gaming then that’s person’s opinion, it doesn’t make gaming bad. If someone likes gaming then it’s good for him. The answer to the question depends upon which person is asking and what that person perceives better.

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