Candy Crush Saga Last Level- with 9 Tips to Play

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Brief intro about the game:

Candy crush is one of the successful games that was made. It came to the public by April 12, 2012, and by the November month of that year It was released for mobile users

Candy crush Levels:

When 2015 came candy crush had about 500 total levels. These were called as Candy Crush Soda Saga or Candy Crush Jelly Saga. This was about no1 in the Apple stores and broke records.

“In April 2020, its latest version was released with 3,200 levels and with the tendency to create 10 levels per month.”

Image by Kenming Wang on Flickr under license

Reasons why Candy crush is the number one Played Game:

Advantages in the design of Candy Crush

The exponential trend of its downloads started from the launch of its mobile version. That allowed people to play anywhere. It was also linked with social networks so that users who left the cell phone and sat at the computer could use it.

It was very well designed, with the intention of creating a game that in its mechanics was simple. It has a similarity in appearance to the traditional table game of 4 online, in the game, there are a number of candies, chocolates, bubble gum, etc. which you must be organizing. Right after aligning three of the same color, they explode and disappear.

Simple situations

Do not create stress of complicated situations, this was thought of in what is called the Waiter effect. Waiters are able to memorize a large number of items while serving multiple tables at once. When one service ends, that information reserved in his memory by the attention of the table disappears. It no longer generates more stress. Games that leave tasks pending create stress until you can solve them.


It will release tensions, the screen is full of colors, and that has served as an escape route for users. In the midst of one of the daily difficulties, you can take a break. The colors on the screen, transport you to a pleasant place, very attractive, for a few minutes it is anti-stress.

Pause whenever you want

Pausing the game for a while has no impact on the game. There is no penalty for it being open for a long time. There is nothing that forces you to continue for a certain time.

You don’t need to be connected to the internet to play it. So you can safely use in areas without coverage.

Only One Hand

It can be used with one hand, it was designed so that the activation of the game options can be operated with one hand. Thought very intelligently, since users, even riding a bus with one hand on the railing or walking home with one hand occupied by the market bags, can be used.

Despite its simplicity in the mechanics of operation, as you level up, you have to discover tricks that allow you to accomplish the task that is gradually becoming more complicated. When you discover a secret, you can advance much better.

Tips for playing at the last level:

The last level is not as easy as you seem so make sure that you are using these tips to help you in this game

Photo by Beata Dudová from Pexels

Here are some tips that will allow you to level up more easily:

1) Charged battery

This game use at least 10% of the battery So, make sure that your mobile device is charged sufficiently before playing this game. You can disconnect the tracking as this is not required in the game and it will help you to save your battery for long. This will be the worst feeling as your mobile or any android device goes off while you are playing the game.

2) Remove side chocolates

Be aware of constantly removing chocolates from the side sections. if they don’t accumulate and the game gets complicated after a while

3) Countdown bombs

Countdown bombs must be eliminated because they only give you the possibility of 6 movements.

4) Color bombs

You must be looking since you start to play the color bombs. You can get these by making combinations of stripes and wraps

5) AccumulatedColor bombs

Another point that will help you a lot is to accumulate two color bombs, that’s why the important thing to start looking for that combination, that allows you to create the bombs and store it. It is not easy, but try to get at least two. That will help you when the game gets complicated.

6) The direction of the streaks of the bombs

Pay attention to the direction of the streaks of the bombs you accumulate. If the stripes are horizontal it will explode horizontally and if they are vertical they will explode vertically

7) Change Strip

Occasionally change a strip that will help you clean the chocolate. If you change a wrapper, you can only clean the gelatin, if you already removed part of the chocolate.

8) Help messages

When you’ve been without pressing the keys for a while. The game makes you some suggestions. Don’t follow them, they are usually the worst move.

9) Candies on base

Try to destroy the candies at the base of the game, this is a very simple trick, but it will allow you a better movement around the board

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