How to Pack Stuff Bought Overseas Back Home?

Image Source — Google | Image on pxhere

1) Have them shipped:

Image on Wikimedia Commons under license

2) Travel light:

Image by 8one6 on Flickr under license

3) Get extra luggage

Image Source — Google | Image by Don DePasquale on Pexels

4) Have it delivered

Photo by Bench Accounting on Unsplash
  1. Some stores can deliver internationally, but only to a select few countries. So if your country isn’t one of them, no delivery for you.
  2. There is also the added disadvantage that you will only be able to have items you bought from the store delivered. So if you have other gifts you bought elsewhere, you will have to transport them home yourself.
  3. The delivery charges for such deliveries may be high as each item may attract a specific delivery charge. You can get a discount with a bulk purchase though.

In conclusion:

Me traveling to meet my relatives | Image by Author

You should not think in terms of perfection, rather think in terms of excellence.



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junaid waqar

An MBA graduate having different hobbies naming a few “Gaming, gardening, blogging, travel”.Love to write and share my expressions through words.