How to Tell Someone You Don’t Want to Travel with Them?

There are some people with whom it is not worth traveling such as...

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Traveling is preferred by all human beings. It will be difficult to find people who do not want to travel to places when they have time. Also, traveling with someone is more interesting because they can feel comfortable and excited. But there are some negative problems with that too.
If your travel companion is not a good person to travel with, traveling with him or her will be a nightmare. That is why there may be some situations where you need to tell someone not to accompany you on your journey.

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Why is it not worth traveling with some people?

Everyone wants to travel with one person. He or she called the travel buddy. It is preferred by all. But there are also some people with whom it is not worth traveling. For some reason, they are not eligible to travel with anyone.


First of all, I can mention those who are obsessed with oneself. If someone feels that the world owes them a favor and gives meaning to those feelings, then it is not worth traveling with those people. Such a person will never be happy with anything, whatever you do. He or she always complains about the installation and the cost that you expanded. Such people will always demand to live in expensive hotels and resorts. There will be no natural feelings and you will never be happy with them.

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I always like the same thing attitude:

From daily meals to clothing, everything will be according to the menu. They will never like to have fun. If you ever have fun with your routine work, they’ll make trouble with you. That is why you should keep those people away from you while traveling.

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Always anxious:

You can face other people who are always frustrated and worried. It doesn’t matter what the situation is. They will always feel concerned. These types of people are not eligible to travel with someone.

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Couple trouble:

The funniest thing is that you should never go with a couple. It is true that a sweet couple is always good. They will have quality time during the trip. But if you go with them, you will never enjoy your trip. Because they will continue to have fun and you will not get any importance from them. So avoid going with a couple.

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App addicted :

Also, if this person is addicted to the web and never feels free to have fun, avoid him on his journey. Because it will always keep you busy with apps. It may seem like the app is your partner and you never want to keep it away from you. At that time, you will feel bored.

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The way to tell someone you don’t want to travel with him:

Traveling with someone is really interesting. But at some point, there will be some situations where you won’t be able to take people with you. At that time, you must tell them that you don’t want to travel with them.

Then you should follow some of the ways to express your opinion and not get hurt either.


Family members are not allowed:

First of all, I want to mention that saying something to someone depends on the relationship between you and this person. I would like to start with family members. If you want to travel to a place with your friends, and your family member is also eager to go, but you don’t want to take them, then you have to tell them straight.
You even have to tell everyone in a sweet voice. But in the case of counting a family member that is more critical. Because he or she can insist more on you and you can never say not to them.

That is why you can tell them that you want to go on a trip with your friends. On this trip, only friends are allowed. At that time, your family members understand and can agree with your opinion.

Your special someone:

If this person is your friend and you want to go with your girlfriend, then you can tell them that you and your girlfriend want to spend quality time alone. That will be a proper way.

Make excuses:

If someone in your family wants to go with you but you don’t want to take them, you can ask for money. You can tell him about the additional cost. You may not be anxious after asking for extra money. If he agrees, then there will be no problem. Because he will bear the additional cost and you can also benefit from it.

You need time alone:

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The best suggestion you can tell them that you want to travel alone. You don’t like traveling with anyone for your privacy. You feel appreciated and comfortable if you travel alone.
Then the person can understand and agree not to go with you. There are some other ways too. But you don’t have to consider yourself a jerk or a bad person, because those feelings will ruin your trip.

At the end:
Although all people prefer to travel with a travel companion, there are some people with whom it is not worth traveling. If you travel with them, your entire trip will be in vain. I personally never recommend these people on my trip. I always follow the right path to ignore them.
Don’t feel guilty:
Everyone needs some time for themselves, people understand this, but some people will intentionally want to ruin your trip that is why they insist on going with you and they know that you can’t say no to them. They can be your boss or members of your closest family, it is easy to understand that there are times when you can’t do what you want to do.

Say “NO” without guilt . Say “YES”without fear

by Paulo Coelho

It’s best not to feel guilty or feel bad just enjoy the moment and be present because it’s the moment that is more important you may have another chance when you can travel with your favorite person sometimes you just need to flow with what life has to offer.

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